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How to Maintain Your Lawn Mower

How to Maintain Your Lawn Mower

Issue Time:2022/03/10

A lawn mower is a really important tool for your garden work. Thus, its worth taking time to maintain it at least once a year, which can ensure your lawn mower runs well and lasts longer. Here are some tips on how to maintain your lawn mowers.


Steps of Maintain A Lawn Mower

  1. 1. Make sure safety before work

Before starting your maintenance work, you should do some preparing work to make sure of your safety, like disconnecting the spark plug and turning off the throttle. Remember that you can not carry out your maintenance until the engine is cold.


  1. 2. Clean the mower

You can remove the dirt, grime as well as grass outside the mower using the rags and soft brushes.


  1. 3. Apply lubricant

After cleaning work, you can apply some lubricant. Spray it onto the wheels, the throttle cable and the height adjuster. Then you can use the rag to wipe it.


  1. 4. Check the spark plug

For four-stroke mower, checking the spark plug is necessary. And replacing the spark plug can give your mower a new lease of life, if your mower has a two-stroke. You can remove the spark plug with a socket set. Clean it with the wire brush if theres no need to be replaced. Keep it in mind that you should screw it in with your fingers as far as you can if you replace the spark plug. In this way, you dont cross-thread it. Then you should tighten it with the socket. And be careful not to over tighten it.


  1. 5. Check the air filter

Remove the cover from over the air filter. Just taping it on the bench with a brush is sufficient if its not too dirty. On the contrary, you should replace it.


  1. 6. Clean the catcher

Remove the catcher from the mower. You should give it a thorough hosing out if its dirty, or you can just clean it with the brushes.


  1. 7. Clean and check underneath the mower

Tipping your mower upside down is not a good idea. Lean it backwards and then you can clean and check underneath. Eliminate the grass using the brushes. It is essential to do this, especially for a steel mower. The reason is that a build-up of grass can cause rust. And you should also inspect the blades, so you can ensure that they are not damaged too severely. Or you will need to replace them. Sharp blades can cut grass extremely well as well as keep it healthy. Remember to wear safety gloves when you are working around the blades.


  1. 8. Check the oil

You should check the oil if you own a four-stroke mower. Remove the cap and check the oil level on the dipstick. Top it up when the oil level is low. And drain and replace it if the oil is dark and nasty. Another useful tip is to add gasoline to the mower before using it.

The lawn mower is a utility garden tool, which needs regular care and maintenance to keep it running well. Hopefully the information above can help you when it comes to maintaining your mower.

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