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Tips of Choosing A Best Lawn Mower

Tips of Choosing A Best Lawn Mower

Issue Time:2022/03/09

Nothing is more attractive than a beautiful garden. And we all know that the biggest part in the garden is lawn. Thus decorating the lawn successfully brings you a gorgeous garden. One of an important tool of adoring the garden is the lawn mower. Choosing a right lawn mower is never easy, you may feel overwhelming by various lawn mowersin the market. So there are some tips in this article helping you choose the best lawn mower. 


Sizes of lawn

You should take the sizes of your lawn into consideration when making an option, which will greatly help you to get a best mower. For small lawns which is no more than half a tennis court, you can choose mowers with any propulsion, and suggested cutting width is up to 19 inch. Consider electric self-propelled mower with the cutting width of 19-21 inch is a good choice if your yard is of about one tennis court, which has excellent performance for cutting grass in your yard. If your lawn is larger than a tennis court, a gasoline mower with larger width may be appropriate.   

Features of mower

Its not easy to decide which mower to choose. Therefore, some vital things you need to know are listed in this part. Learn it and then make a deliberate decision.   

1.Blade width

The wider blades mowers have, the more grass can be cut every time.

2.Grass combs

Specially designed for effectively cutting grass along walls and edges, which usually left by conventional grass movers. Therefore, seperate trimmer is unnecessary.

3.Cable lengt

If there is a cable on your mower, you need to ensure that it’s long enough to reach each part of your lawn.

4.Battery life

Check runtime of a cordless mower, as well as time of charging up.

5.Grass box volume

Check grass box before choosing a mower, because a large capacity box will effectively save your time and energy by avoiding emptying it over and over again. 


Types of mower

Self-propelled mower

For using self-propelled mower, operators should squeeze a bail on the handle to make the mower to move forward. The operator just need to walk behind the mower to guild it around the yard, so it makes the whole task much easier. On the other side, self-propelled mowers are heavier and cost more.

Riding lawn mower

A riding lawn mower is just like a small tractor, which can make cutting grass much simpler especially for a large land. A riding lawn mower can be operated by any types of users with minimal effort. Furthermore, there is a wide range of attachment options coming with them, like spreading grass seed and plow snow. However, generally a riding lawn mower is much more expensive. And you also need to consider whether the size of it fit through gates before buying.

Remote control lawn mower

You can use a remote control lawn mower to cut deep brush, steep slopes and waterlogged grass. It has more capabilities and functionalities than other typical mowers. The best advantage of the remote control lawn mower is that it can go to the undergrowth while others cant.  


Electric push lawn mower

There are many advantages of electric push lawn mower. Its really quiet when it works so you will not worry about bothering neighbors. And its more environmentally friendly in that it burns no fuel.


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