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Cutting Grass, A Suitable Lawn Mower is Priority

Cutting Grass, A Suitable Lawn Mower is Priority

Issue Time:2022/03/08
Like the decoration at home, a clean, beautiful and unique style of your own yard represents your personal taste and attitude to life, while weeds and uncontrolled greenery in the yard may damage it, thus require regular cleaning. Therefore, lawn mower is widely used, like garden trimming, field weeding, city streets decorating, etc. 
Furthermore, one of the most popular weekend activities in the United States is "mowing the lawn", especially if you have a house with a large yard. Therefore, it is significant to choose an attractive garden mower with reasonable price.

Advantages of using lawn mower

1.High efficacy. Generally, each lawn mower can cut grass more than 8×667m2 per day, that is, its efficacy is 16 times higher than manual weeding. 
2.High efficiency. Due to fast rotating, the effect of mowing is extremely good, especially for tender grass cutter. Generally speaking, it’s enough to weed three times each year. 
3.Soil and water conservation. Weeding with hoe may loose topsoil, which may lead water and soil erosion to some extent. It is worse if weeding on the ladder. However, the use of a grass mower can avoid this problem in that it just cut off the weed on the ground. Moreover, it benefits a lot to protect water and soil.  
4.Increase fertility. Only when weeds grow to a certain height, can we use lawn mowers. As a result, a large number of weeds can be used as organic fertilizer to increase fertility of the orchard. 

Tips of how to choose a suitable lawn mower
Before choosing a lawn mower, following aspects must be considered. 

1.Cutting Area 
*<100 m2, electric wired or wireless mower, and human powered mower are acceptable. 
*100~250 m2, electric mowers or small oil mowers are available.
*>250 m2, oil-powered lawn mower is better. 

2.Work environment 
*If working area is small, or there is a narrow aisle, the width of the 300mm lawn mower is available.  
*There is a certain block, but wide enough, the width of 350mm to 400mm mower is priority.    
*For flat wide environment, more than 400mm lawn mower can be chose.
3.Electric vs oil
*Noise. If you can not endure noise, electric mower takes precedence. 
*Use frequency. For high frequency mowing users, electric mower is a better choice. For occasional mowing users, the fuel machine is more appropriate.

Our product 
*Four-stroke Gasoline
Strong power, 72h high temperature does not turn off.
*Handle and switch
Handle and switch integrated design, comfortable grip, solid and durable.
The fuselage is equipped with a strap to reduce the weight of the handle, which is more labor-saving, easy and convenient.

*Powered by an advanced 24v lithium-ion battery.
*The compact and lightweight design allows for easy manoeuvring while mowing, and the integrated handle allows for easy transporting around the garden. 
*Its simple to store the mower in the garage or garden shed while taking up minimum space.

*Simple and stable drive structures perfectly improve working efficiency and performance.
*A more stable engine system has been featured with fuel-saving, high efficiency, and stability
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