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About Landtop


  • LANDTOP is a globally leading brand under Strength Group, with over decades experience of research, development, manufacturing, supply and service in garden tools. With the faith of making gardening easier and enjoyable, we are committed to exploring the needs of our customers and providing satisfying products, optimal solutions, excellent service and support as well. Our main product line includes the lawn mower, brush cutter, hedge trimmer, chain saw, blower, electric scissor, water gun, spray gun, reciprocating saw, etc. Today, we have cooperated with over 3,000 customers, acquiring a good reputation among them.
  • We we do everything to create value for our customers worldwide, committed to achieving “intelligent manufacturing from China”, and ensures the products featured with strict quality control, strong configuration, excellent functions, energy-efficiency, easy operation and price advantages. We adhere to the business principle of customer priorities, providing satisfying solutions and products for global customers in a full range of garden tools. We are always ready to be your reliable and eternal partner with the faith of “making gardening easier and enjoyable”.




Become a global leading brand of manufacturing and supplying garden tools, constantly creating long-term value for customers worldwide.


Dedicated to exploring and developing new opportunities for innovating and empowering traditional gardening operations, Under the premise of assurance in product quality and supply, we adhere to the concept of "making gardening easier and more enjoyable", prioritizing our customers and continuing to create value for them worldwide.


We require customers to provide samples for each machine. After the machine is assembled, we will perform thousands of tests on the screw samples provided by the customer to ensure stable operation. In the future, we will further build intelligent agriculture and gardening, applying intelligent systems and automation technologies to create efficient, low-cost, sustainable and more environmentally friendly agroforestry operations, and to achieve intelligence in agriculture, forestry and gardening.


Being a sustainable and responsible enterprise, we are committed to achieving the balance among human equality, long-term corporate profits and environmental development. We made our best effort to positively impact on our enterprise development, environment sustainability, human and society equality, and economics.

Human and Society Equality

We do understand the importance of company impacts on our employees and communities around them, thus we are concerned about their needs and well-being, respecting human rights and equality, providing the best care for employees, including completed developing systems, better working environment, employee incentives and care as well.

Social Responsibility

We are actively involved in social welfare and charity activities, helping people and organizations in need whenever possible. Every year, we regularly donate to the World Wildlife Fund (WWF) and World of Children and participate in related activities. We advocate and practice to provide help to society, contribute our power to society and improve the social value of LANDTOP.

Environmental Development

LANDTOP has always been on the premise of protecting natural capital and considering the development environment of future generations, and iterating on technology and production processes. We put know-how and resources into reducing carbon footprint, packaging waste, energy consumption, etc., providing more environmentally friendly, safe and reliable, energy-efficient and optimal products and solutions for customers.


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